Hilltop Recovery Services

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Hilltop Recovery Services
14720 Old Catholic Church Road, ClearlakeOaks, CA 95423
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Reviews & Findings
Dates of Review
June 14,2016
Type of Review

1) Title 9, Section 10563 Accountability Class B

The above section states, ”The licensee, whether an individual or other entity is accountable for the general supervision of the licensed facility, and for the establishment of policies concerning its operation.”

The licensee was deficient in meeting the above regulation because participant prescription was for “2 tablets daily” and the medication log said “1 tablet daily” did not match medication log.

**This deficiency was corrected via e-mail on 6/15/2016**

2) Title 9, Section 10584(f) Fixtures, Furniture, Equipment and Supplies Class C

The above section states, in part, “Solid waste shall be stored, located and disposed in such a manner that will not transmit communicable diseases, emit odors, create a nuisance, or provide a breeding place or food source for insects or rodents. (1) All containers, including movable bins, used for storage of solid waste shall have tight fitting covers that are kept in place. The containers and covers shall be in good repair, leak proof, and rodent proof.”

The licensee was deficient in meeting the above regulation because there were no tight fitting lids on the two garbage cans in the kitchen.

**This deficiency was corrected on site.**

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Approved: 32
Census: 27

Approved: 28
Census: 23